Bio - Darren Aune

Darren is an experienced Financial Executive with tenure in the CFO role in family and privately-owned businesses. His strong financial skills are complemented by leadership experience and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. 

Family owned businesses have all the market challenges other businesses have and they have the additional complication of working with family members.  Darren believes family businesses generally take a long term perspective on creating value and they offer something extra to their employees, customers, and the community.  He works hard to help the family business beat the odds and continue from one generation to the next. His message to business owners is: "It’s business. It’s personal. I understand."

Darren currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Experience Engineering in Minneapolis.  His previous experience includes 17 years in a family owned real estate business as CFO as well as president of one of the businesses towards the end of his tenure.  He has also served as controller in two other privately owned businesses and worked as a contract CFO focusing on family businesses.

Darren is an inactive CPA and has a Master’s Degree Organizational Leadership from Bethel University.  He and his wife have two grown children and two mutts who help fill the void in the empty nest.  He is active with his church and enjoys networking and chasing a golf ball around local courses.

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