Coaching for Abrasive Leaders

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  • Do you work for an abrasive leader or manager?  A manager that frequently humiliates, intimidates, or is abusive to his/her employees? 
  • Or are you an HR Manager who has received complaints about the bullying behaviors of a particular manager? 
  • Perhaps you're a leader in your organization who has an abrasive manager working for you and you are at a loss as to what to do about the situation.

Abrasive leaders and managers are costly to organizations. Employees on the receiving end of their treatment are often less productive, experience greater levels of stress, and sometimes leave the company in order to escape their miserable working conditions.

Despite these costs, companies typically struggle getting these leaders to change their behaviors. Having a clear code of conduct helps, but it's not enough to rein in the behaviors of bosses that bully.

I provide one-on-one coaching to help abrasive leaders and managers change these behaviors. Critical to the process is involving the manager in understanding the negative perceptions of their behaviors, and then working with them to explore how they might achieve positive changes in those perceptions. It is a respectful, evidence-based, collaborative approach to improving behavior.

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Other reports available

"Bullying Bosses: A Full Cost Accounting"

Workplace bullying is costing organizations worldwide millions of dollars in turnover, absenteeism, decreased productivity, retaliation, and more. I recently published a report, Bullying Bosses: A Full Cost Accounting, that provides an extensive summary of the available research, helping organizations see the true costs of turning a blind eye to this pervasive problem.

The report examines the prevalence of workplace bullying, and details the wide range of its negative impacts. The report also quantifies to the greatest extent possible the costs of turnover, reduced productivity, decreased morale, increased stress, absenteeism, collateral costs to management, etc.

To read an executive summary of this report, click here. To download a copy of this report, click here.

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