Family Business Advising

Your attorney handles the legal matters.

Your wealth advisor takes care of financial matters.

Your business consultant advises you on strategy & structure.

Who attends to the relationships in the family business?

I support and advise on the family aspects of family businesses, working with an interdisciplinary team as appropriate to address issues of family conflict and boundary issues, clarifying goals and values, improving communication processes, and addressing behavioral issues of or among family members (e.g., addictions, abuse, etc.)

Succession Planning

Succession planning is critical to ensuring the long-term survival of a family business, yet the majority of family owned businesses put off this task. Without it there will be no legacy. Executive Confidante will work with other family business advisors to develop and implement the succession plan. This may include a valuation of the business, establishment of buy-sell agreements, establishment of a family member employment policy, assessment of potential successor competencies, job needs assessment and subsequent training plan, and more.

Family Business Conflict Coaching

All families experience conflict, and with a family business, the conflicts can easily spill over into the workplace. This affects not only the quality of relationships at work and communication, but can negatively impact productivity, profitability, and other bottom-line measures. Lack of trust affects not only the morale and engagement of family members, but also non-family employees. I will help transform these conflicts through discussion, clarification, mediation, and collaboration so that the family relationships can be as open, trusting, and effective as possible.

Coaching for Entrepreneurial Couples

With a background as a marriage and family therapist, I am uniquely positioned to help the entrepreneurial couple.

For more information about coaching for entrepreneurial couples, click here

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