Much of the coaching I do is helping people resolve conflict – internal conflicts like career dilemmas, but more often interpersonal conflicts, the kind that lead to performance issues on the job.

Conflict exists to varying degrees in all human relationships, and reflects the fact that people hold differing opinions and views. Not all conflict can or should be resolved. When it begins to limit the effectiveness of people & processes, however, it’s time to transform the conflict – through coaching, collaboration, mediation, and compromise, as well as a deeper understanding of position and meaning on either side of the issue.

Individuals experiencing conflict

Conflict between individuals can be costly to an organization! Whether it’s inter-departmental conflict, manager-subordinate conflict, or some other combination, what starts as a minor conflict between two can become toxic to other employees and work processes. 

Conflict between employees

I work with the individual struggling with conflict or with each party to a conflict. When working with more than one person, I strive to understand the story each has regarding the problem, and collaborate to transform the conflict. The goal will be greater understanding, collaboration, and respect between the individuals involved.

Teams experiencing conflict
The process is successful because:
  • The approach draws out the best in people and taps the innate desire to be a member of a positive, productive team
  • Leaders have the option of receiving feedback on their leadership style
  • Involvement in the process builds credibility and ownership in its outcomes
  • The data collection process is comprehensive and based on confidential interviews

Teamwork can be vital to certain work processes, and when it is lacking, outcomes and relationships suffer. This can have long-term and even widespread detrimental effects on morale and productivity. I facilitate workshops and offer individual coaching to help teams maximize their potential for working collaboratively toward the organization’s goals.